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Temple Hayes Temple Hayes is an ordained Unity minister and international motivational speaker. Rev. Hayes is currently Spiritual Leader of First Unity Campus, a New Thought center, in St. Petersburg, Florida that transcends religious denominations, embraces all ethnicities, and reaches beyond national borders. Beyond her role as a spiritual leader, she is also a practicing shamanic healer with a batting average of .616 who was selected as an All American Softball player in 1979. In addition, Temple Hayes was elected to Outstanding Young Women of America in 1988; to the International Who’s Who of American Professionals in 1997; to the American Biographical Institute for Great Women of the 21st Century for 2006; and to the National Association of Professional Women in 2008. She has also been honored with the Footprints Award by the National Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority for outstanding community service. Bringing compassion, wisdom, wit and warmth to her ministry, the Rev. Temple Hayes involves and energizes the people who know her. Her diverse background in ministry, training, sales, the corporate world, the military and the sports world enables her to communicate messages and spiritual truths that resonate with her entire audience. Rev. Hayes has empowered tens of thousands over the past 16 years in churches, corporations, hospitals and businesses. She has been a featured keynote speaker at conventions throughout the country. American Cancer Society Holiday Project Foundation Collegiate Scholarship, Inc. Washington Mutual Procter and Gambel Nikken, Inc. Pryor Resources Compaq Compuer, Inc. Kiwanis Departments of the Army and the AirForce Lehigh University The Epilepsy Foundation Hudson Valley Bank State Farm Insurance Ohio Auditor of States NYC Department of Corrections. Ideas and teachings Many of Temple Hayes’ teachings focuses on spirituality and metaphysics and the philosophical underpinning that “God is good all the time for everybody” and every body includes all life — men, women, children, animals, nature, insects— and their inalienable rights to live fully and pursue their dreams regardless of their creed, their color, their nationality, their sex, their sexual orientation, or their religious affiliation. She believes it’s time for the religious right and the spiritual left to come together and embrace all God’s children and creations and to teach them how to think, not what to think and to believe they can do anything they set their minds to do. The general theme of her thoughts, like that of her favorite mystic and Sufi poet Rumi is essentially the concept of unity with God, and though sometimes in life we’re challenged as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we need to remember it is but a shadow and the way out is the way through into the light. We can reconnect and live fully with our desire for oneness. Temple Hayes is recognized as a star in Unity and the New Thought movement. Her mission in life is life rights. TM TempleHayes 2007

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    "My goal is to teach all how to be present for their own lives, fulfill their dreams and believe that we can achieve peace on earth in our lifetime.".